Our Story

Our Story

Beginnings in Baltimore City

Epiphany Church has its origins in Baltimore City’s Govans’ neighborhood. In the midst of racial tension in the late fifties, the congregation struggled with identity and mission. Suburban development posed an opportunity as parishioners moved into Baltimore County. In this way, Epiphany was part of the “white flight” that drove so many churches out of cities and into suburbs. Since, Epiphany has struggled to understand this element of its history within the context of racism and classism. To that end, though, Epiphany has become a congregation that strives for social and economic justice, and works tirelessly in matters of housing and homelessness through our founding of the Episcopal Housing Corporation in 1995 and Neighbor-to-Neighbor in 2009.

Early Days in Timonium

Epiphany’s first worship service in Timonium occurred in the spring of 1960 at the club house of the newly developed Spring Lake community, commonly called “the bath house”. This “bath house gang” were said to have a “pioneering” quality about them then, and that spirit of faith and mission has carried us through to the present.

The Story Continued

The “ground breaking” for the current building in which we worship occurred in 1964, with major renovations occurring a number of times during the decades to follow. These included the addition of classrooms, a Tracker organ, and an outdoor memorial garden, to name just a few updates. The main worship space was also artfully re-designed to resemble a “clearing in the woods”.

Welcoming LGBTQ+ people

Long before “open and affirming” was a term used to signal to gay and lesbian people that a given church was a safe place for them, Epiphany was known to members and its community as a place for all of God’s people, not just the heterosexual ones. Epiphany has continued for decades to be an oasis for people who identify within the LGBTQ+ community, and to value LGBTQ+ members as equals in the community, voting them into positions of leadership and hiring them as staff, too! In October, 2017, Epiphany hosted a series about how to best welcome & affirm our transgender siblings in Christ with speakers from Johns Hopkins and a member of the staff who is transgender. To read more about Epiphany’s history in working towards a more just society, see the Social Justice page.

The Epiphany Early Learning Center

In 1981, Epiphany opened a day care center on-site, and its vital ministry in our community continued until early 2018. For nearly 40 years, what was first the “Epiphany Day Care” and then the “Epiphany Early Learning Center” served thousands of children in Baltimore County of all income levels by providing affordable childcare and nurturing their cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual beings.

Epiphany in the news

Due to Epiphany’s significant involvement in its community, events at Epiphany have been highlighted in the news on several occasions. If you’re interested in reading the articles or watching the video specials, follow the links below!

and it continues today

A more recent highlight includes the construction of a labyrinth  on the grounds for people to walk in prayer. Today, we seek to continue to partner in the mission of God in the greater Baltimore community, as we love God, love our neighbor, and change the world. Come and see the difference love makes!