A Welcome Letter

A Welcome Letter

Dear Reader,

Are you looking for something more in your life? Do you long to be connected to a community that knows you, cares for you, encourages you to grow, and calls you to serve?

Wherever you find yourself on your faith journey, you are invited to become a part of what God is up to here at Epiphany Church. This is an exciting time. This is an exciting place. Discover more about Epiphany through this website, on our Facebook page, or by participating in one of the many expressions of our community, as we seek to love God, love our neighbor, and change the world. You are welcome here in the fullness of who you are. Your race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, physical or cognitive abilities, and every other aspect of who you are is welcome here, as are the unique gifts you have to share. Come and see the difference love makes!

—Kristofer, Rector & Lead Organizer

Would you like to learn more about Epiphany? Reach out to me, and I’ll be in touch.